Hire Terms

Terms and Conditions for All Services Rendered by Red Carpet VIP Ltd

1. These hire conditions, apply to all hires taking place without exception or modification, and the Paying Person or Company (hereinafter referred to as the Client) by placing any booking with PARTY BUS HIRE or Via https://vipbuspartyhire.com website (both are hereinafter referred to as Red Carpet VIP Ltd) will be deemed to have read, understood and implicitly agreed to all of these hire terms before paying in full (or a deposit) for any order. If any part of these hire terms are later found to be invalid, it will not affect the validity of the remaining hire terms herein enclosed which will thus remain fully enforceable.

2. These hire terms are always available on request to all clients before they choose to make a booking and payment. A reservation is only considered as accepted if so confirmed by email by Red Carpet VIP Ltd and the Client has received a Booking Confirmation after receipt of the deposit or full payment and the booking has been verified/confirmed to the client by email. Bookings must not be made with less than 48 hours notice, without first confirming Vehicle and Driver availability with Red Carpet VIP Ltd by email or telephone. Any email or verbal conversations taking place prior to our Booking Order Confirmation do not form part of the Hire Contract. The Hire Contract will be solely based on these Hire Terms, our Final Invoiced Hire Itinerary and our Booking Order Confirmation.

3. The Client is solely responsible for all passengers travelling with the booked vehicle/s provided by Red Carpet VIP Ltd. If the Client is not personally present on the hire date/s, he must nominate before the hire date/s an Older Adult/Mature Lead Passenger to act on the Client’s behalf as the responsible person to represent the Client’s interests. The Client/lead passenger is solely responsible and liable for the actions and behaviour of all their passengers. In the event that the Lead Passenger is unwilling or unable to control the misbehaviour of the passenger/s, the driver has a legal right and duty to request those passenger/s to quietly exit the vehicle immediately and to proceed without them. Refusal by any passenger/s to quietly and peacefully disembark from the vehicle will result in the hire being instantly terminated and the police being called to the vehicle to assist the driver to then unload the vehicle. In the event the hire is terminated this way, no refund will be provided and any or all expenses subsequently incurred by the passengers will not be re-imbursed by Red Carpet VIP Ltd under any circumstances. There are Legal PSV UK Statutes that govern the behaviour of passengers in these circumstances. These can easily be found online and Red Carpet VIP Ltd can provide more details if required.

4. There are legal limits in the UK regarding Driving Hours and also Working Time Regulations that strictly regulate Minibus And Bus Drivers’ activities during their working day. It is imperative for legal and safety reasons that all Drivers comply with the relevant Bus Authority Laws and also all Passengers should acquaint themselves with the various regulations if they feel it may affect their rental or itinerary plans.

5. The chosen itinerary route will be decided only by the Driver based on his professional experience, his Satnav Device and the size of the vehicle and not by the Client or passengers. If the Client has a preferred route they may discuss it with Customer Services at Red Carpet VIP Ltd before the hire date, and Red Carpet VIP Ltd will decide whether to forward the proposed route to the Driver for his consideration on the day.

6. Vehicles are not allowed to stop, wait or set-down passengers at many locations (especially in London) so the Client/Passengers should plan their itinerary to take this into consideration. The Client may discuss this with Red Carpet VIP Ltd in advance of the hire date if necessary. Also kindly remember that the passengers may have to walk to or from the vehicle/s and their hotel/venue due to traffic cameras recording/parking wardens enforcement to avoid penalties/fines subsequently being sent to Red Carpet VIP Ltd in the post. If the Passengers require illegal drop-off locations then this must be arranged and paid for in advance with Red Carpet VIP Ltd at a charge of £100 per illegal set-down (e.g. such as on Red Routes or locations under surveillance by TFL Traffic Cameras etc.).

7. Tolls, Parking Charges, Ferry Costs, Eurotunnel, Vehicle Entry Payments to Sites and Venues etc. are never included in our quotes or invoices and must, without exception, be paid direct to the relevant charging person/company/authority by the Lead Passenger and never by Red Carpet VIP Ltd or the Driver. For overnight stays outside London, the Client must book and pay for the Driver’s Hotel, Secure Vehicle Parking at the hotel and the Driver’s Daily Meals Allowance (£40).

8. Sales Tax / VAT does not apply in the UK for any vehicles that are capable of carrying 9 Passengers or more as it is ZERO-RATED (0%).

9. Red Carpet VIP Ltd does not charge for Fuel or for the Driver’s Wage as these are accounted for within our Price Quotations/Hire Invoices. All vehicles are supplied with qualified drivers (ie. we do not do self-drive rentals).

10. Red Carpet VIP Ltd does not charge Gratuities as these are solely at the passengers’ discretion.

11. All hires are required to be booked and paid for in advance. Red Carpet VIP Ltd will advise each Client as to when the Booking Deposit and/or Full Payment is payable. Hire quotations are valid for a limited time only and customers are advised to book early to ensure availability. Customers are advised that Red Carpet VIP Ltd is often fully booked two months in advance of bookings during busy times of the year. Prompt Payment is always recommended to finalize any hire enquiry as this helps vehicle availability for your Group on your chosen date/s. Our advice is always BOOK EARLY PLEASE !

12. When Red Carpet VIP Ltd quotes for two straight transfers (ie. a return trip) the Client must never expect the vehicle/s or driver/s to be on standby between the two journeys. Passengers will NOT have access to the vehicle/s or driver/s until the second collection time. Passengers should not expect use of the same Vehicle/s and Driver/s on both outward and return journeys. Passengers and/or their belongings/luggage cannot remain on board between said journeys/transfers. Passengers must take full responsibility in the event of loss of said Luggage or personal possessions. Clearly the Passengers are welcome to leave their luggage in the locked luggage compartment under the Buses during a hire period (for example during a sightseeing trip) but not in between separate transfer periods.

13. Extra hire time, diversions or additional stops on route that have not been pre-booked before the hire date, will not be possible or available on the hire date due to other pre-booked commitments that Red Carpet VIP Ltd must honor. Red Carpet VIP Ltd may be able to add additional hire time but this is at its sole discretion. If the Client wishes to add extra time to their journey before the day of the booking, they should give at least 48 hours notice to Red Carpet VIP Ltd to allow them to try and fulfil the request. The Lead Passenger must tell the Customer Service about their desire to change the agreed itinerary on the day and not the driver. Drivers are not authorized to make itinerary changes without our management’s approval. If availability is confirmed, then the Lead Passenger will need to pay cash for the extra service in advance (ie. not by card or cheque) before it can be rendered. All additional time will be charged by rounding up the journey time to the next full hour. The drivers are competent and have a good working knowledge of London and strive to take the quickest or most economical possible route (not necessarily the shortest) on that specific day. It is the Client’s responsibility to allow for traffic congestion when they are planning their itinerary to ensure it can be completed within their Hire Time Period and before an order is finalised with Red Carpet VIP Ltd. Failure to book sufficient time may result in the itinerary not being completed, as the Client is reserving the vehicle/s and driver/s for a strictly fixed time period only.

14. It is the Lead Passenger’s responsibility to ensure all Passengers disembark from the Bus on arrival at destination/s without delay, unless extra hire time has been agreed with Red Carpet VIP Ltd and booked and paid for in advance and Red Carpet VIP Ltd has given clear and written permission for the Passenger’s to stay on board on arrival at the destination for a limited waiting period.

15. UK Law requires PSV Minibus and Bus Drivers to take Rest Breaks at set times, and the Client accepts full responsibility in ensuring that their proposed itinerary does not flout the regulations and neither the Client or any passenger/s will cause a delay or interruption that makes the trip illegal. In the unlikely event such problems are created by the Group (for example due to requests for unplanned demands for comfort stops at Service Stations) it may result in the journey not being completed and the Passengers will then have to make alternative travel arrangements without notice and solely at the Passenger/s expense.

16. Talking to or Distracting a Driver while the Vehicle is travelling on route is not only an Unlawful Act, but is also potentially very dangerous and therefore strictly forbidden, as it may jeopardize the Passengers, other Road Users and the Public. The Driver obviously needs to concentrate on the changing traffic conditions, environment and other road traffic in order to navigate the vehicle through them safely.

17. If one or more Passengers fails to appear at the pick-up location and is not aboard the vehicle within 15 minutes of the booked time, then the Lead Passenger must either continue the journey without the missing Passenger/s or terminate the hire immediately. If the Lead Passenger fails to reach a decision then it will be made for him/her by Red Carpet VIP Ltd and we may authorize the Driver to terminate the hire and proceed to his next booking. No compensation or discussion will be undertaken by Red Carpet VIP Ltd for the failure of Passengers to embark and depart at the agreed time or for hire terminations due to any or all the Passenger/s failure to appear and/or board the Vehicle/s on time. In other words the Vehicle’s are booked for a set time and will leave with or without the Passenger/s 15 minutes after the contracted collection time.

18. Seating and Luggage capacity of all vehicles are limited and overloading is a serious Offence in the UK and is therefore forbidden. It is also illegal in the UK to carry Luggage inside the Vehicle Passenger area. All Luggage must be safely stored in the Luggage Compartment only. Any excess luggage or additional Passengers (if any), will have to be transported by using alternative arrangements arranged by the Passenger/s and solely at the Passenger/s expense, and also without delaying the scheduled departure of the vehicle/s reserved with Red Carpet VIP Ltd. No compensation or discussion will be undertaken by Red Carpet VIP Ltd for the failure of the Passengers to book the correct size Vehicle/s for their Group and/or Luggage according to the guidelines set out on our Website’s Home Page. The Client should wherever possible notify Red Carpet VIP Ltd of any excess luggage 48 hours before the booking time to allow Red Carpet VIP Ltd to assess if a different vehicle should be sent (subject to availability and additional cost to the Client). The driver may assist you to load your luggage but he is not then become responsible for any subsequent loss of passengers luggage at any time. It is always strongly recommended that all passengers obtain Travel Insurance that fully covers their belongings/luggage before they book and travel with Red Carpet VIP Ltd (or any other transportation company) and this is not an expensive choice.

19. In the unlikely event of equipment failure inside the vehicles, such as for example a microphone or air-conditioning or the radio, it will be solely at Red Carpet VIP Ltd’s discretion, whether a 10% maximum refund for that particular hire is made by the company. In other words the Client may opt to request a MAXIMUM 10% refund for that hire, and then Red Carpet VIP Ltd will decide if it is appropriate.

20. Red Carpet VIP Ltd does not allow animals on board its Vehicles. Registered Guide Dogs will be transported only if written notice/permission is requested in advance and has been authorised in writing by Red Carpet VIP Ltd. Guide Dogs must not be allowed to sit on seats inside the vehicle/s.

21. Red Carpet VIP Ltd always reserves the right, without exception, to upgrade any booked vehicle/s to Larger Vehicle/s (or to send two or more smaller vehicles instead) at NO EXTRA CHARGE to the Client/passengers and without prior notice/warning, depending on our Driver Roster and Vehicle Schedule on the hire day. The Client can rest assured that the vehicle substitution (if it does take place) will NOT reduce the total passenger or luggage capacity as booked and required by the Client. In the highly unlikely event of a booked vehicle breaking down, Red Carpet VIP Ltd has contingency measures in place to collect the passengers with alternative vehicles and driver ASAP. The rescue time will depend on traffic conditions at that time and the distance of the passengers from our base. If the passengers decide they do not wish to wait, then Red Carpet VIP Ltd’s maximum liability will be limited to the payment received for that transfer or paid time remaining for that particular day’s hire period. In addition Red Carpet VIP Ltd at our sole discretion, may or may not decide to refund the taxi/minicab expenses incurred by the Client/passengers depending on that individual hire’s circumstances.

22. It is traditional and customary in the UK Bus Hire and Private Hire industries, to allow Bus Companies (without prior notice to the Client/passengers) to use Subcontractors ie. other Licensed Bus Operators or Private Hire Companies, to assist them with their passengers transportation needs, as long as the Subcontractor is reliable, trustworthy and can deliver an equal or better level of service as that requested by the Client. Red Carpet VIP Ltd hereby confirms that we do use Subcontractors as and when required to ensure continuity of services rendered to Client/passengers. These sub contractors will be able to provide a satisfactory level of service and will be fully licensed and comply with all regulations stipulated by the Public Carriage Office or UK Bus Authority.

23. To finalize any hire a deposit or full payment is required to finalise the booking/s request. Subsequent hire cancellations made by the Client will always result in forfeit/loss of the Deposit payment sent (or full payment) to avoid financial loss to Red Carpet VIP Ltd by the Client’s action/cancellation – since business/bookings will always have to be declined from all other Clients for that Same Vehicle, Time & Date as booked and clearly no refund is due. If the Client cancels any booking with less than 60 days advance notice prior to the Hire Date, then the Client will still remain liable to also pay the remainder of the Full Payment outstanding if only a Deposit was paid by the Client.

24. A reservation may only be altered or cancelled with the authorisation of Red Carpet VIP Ltd. It has to be done by phone first with Ram, on 07956224399 and then in writing (must be by email). Cancellation Refund Payments by Red Carpet VIP Ltd if applicable, are normally dealt with/sent within 7 days to the Client. If the cancellation refund involves International Payment to the Client, then Bank charges will be incurred by Red Carpet VIP Ltd and these will be deducted from the refundable amount. In this event Clients should kindly note that we will be sending the refund in British Pounds Sterling and the Client’s bank will charge the Client for their Bank Charges and also for their Currency Conversion costs as well.

25. Food is strictly forbidden inside any vehicle/s supplied by Red Carpet VIP Ltd except by written permission from Red Carpet VIP Ltd.

26. During busy periods, journey times will be extended and of unpredictable length, due to road closures, diversions and congestion. Red Carpet VIP Ltd will always endeavor to collect passengers on time, however destination arrival times can never be guaranteed as they are solely subject to on route traffic conditions, roadworks, obstructions etc on the hire date (most of them without warning and totally beyond our control). All Clients are therefore strongly advised to book earlier collection times and to leave promptly to cater for unforeseeable traffic delays on the day, and thus avoid potentially missing flights/trains/ferries/events/shows for example, and avoid disappointment and/or having to incur additional costs. Collection Times: it is strongly recommended that all Clients book Collection Times from the West End for transfers to airports at least 4 hours (or earlier) before the flight time in order to help ensure a successful flight departure. Clients should always take into consideration the following information – since airport arrival times are critical it is always best to err on the side of caution, and arrive at the destination early rather than late to reduce risk of inconvenience and expense. The prices quoted by Red Carpet VIP Ltd are discounted in order to make them affordable to as many Clients as possible. In return for this discount, all Clients please note Our Grace Period Entitlement is as follows: we always endeavor to arrive at pick-up addresses early, however on rare occasions, due to circumstances beyond our control (e.g. road works, traffic congestion, obstructions, accidents, snow/ice/flood etc.) we get delayed. In that event, as long as the vehicle arrives at the pickup/collection address within 60 minutes of the agreed collection time, we will then be deemed to have fulfilled our contract, and no recompense of any kind will therefore be entertained. We always try to avoid this situation as late pickups clearly are not in our Client’s or in our own interests. It is however in the Client’s interest to allow room for unforeseen circumstances to or from a collection point, ie. to arrange the booked time for the vehicle/s earlier if at all possible and also to depart promptly at the booked time if the destination arrival time is important. At no time can Red Carpet VIP Ltd ever guarantee destination arrival times as they are clearly subject solely to traffic conditions on the actual hire day. As previously stated above these matters should be taken into consideration by the Client when a Collection Time is booked.

27. We very rarely have a problem with Group Arrival Airport Collections (9 passengers or more) – but we have to have a policy for long flight delays. UP TO MAXIMUM 2 HOURS DELAY AT HEATHROW AIRPORT AFTER THE SCHEDULED FLIGHT ARRIVAL IS INCLUDED. The Coach & Driver will be Booked to be in the Airport Coach Park from 1 Hour after the Scheduled Flight Arrival Time – ie. so that Incoming Passengers are given some free time to clear Immigration & Customs. The Coach & Driver will then subsequently wait for up to 1 Hour Maximum after arriving at the Airport Coach Park FREE OF CHARGE. This maximum FREE Airport Delay Time expires 2 hours after the Flight/s Scheduled Arrival Time and then any Additional Waiting Time will not be available on the actual hire day unless Additional Waiting Time is Pre-Booked & Paid For well in advance. If the flight or Passengers are unfortunately delayed for more than this 2 Hours mentioned after the Flight’s Scheduled Arrival Time, which is fortunately very rare and unlikely to happen, then Clients have the option to make their own way into town by Train, Bus, Taxi or Underground Tube (your payment to us will not be refunded) or you may wait for one of our other Buses (subject to availability of course on the day) and we will then rebook a new transfer for you if you pay an additional charge at a 50% to 75% discounted rate which is a Goodwill Discount from our Company to satisfy delayed Clients. All Clients should request and ensure that the Lead Passenger has our emergency contact telephone number with them on the hire date.

28. Additional waiting time if requested and available after the first Free 60 minutes Wait in the Airport Parking after the Booked Collection Time at the airport must be of course be prepaid in cash by the Lead Passenger on boarding the vehicle. We do check actual flight landing times, ie. we do not depend solely on the scheduled arrival time, for our Driver Rostering purposes. If the passengers are at the airport terminal information desk of the airport and fail to make contact with the driver, then the Lead Passenger must call us on our Emergency Office Mobile Number so that we can assist them to locate their driver. The Passenger/s should not leave the airport without letting the company know as this will be regarded also as a ‘NO SHOW’ and the Client will remain fully liable for the hire and any additional waiting time (if incurred). The UK airport collection procedure is different for 9 passengers or more ie. no “Meet & Greet Service is available. For up to 8 passengers a FREE “Meet & Greet Service” is always provided by the driver holding a NAMEBOARD inside the Arrivals Terminal. More info about Group Arrivals Airport Collection Procedure will be emailed to the Client after a Booking has been finalized, with detailed instructions for your Lead Passenger to follow. Please note that for sightseeing tours, delay caused by Passengers will result in the tour period being reduced by the amount of the delay.

29. In the event of Vehicle/s Breakdown and/or Traffic Delays etc, and a dispute subsequently arising regarding the quality of service supplied by Red Carpet VIP Ltd, the Client hereby agrees that by placing a confirmed order with Red Carpet VIP Ltd, any refund payable to the Client will be strictly limited to monies paid. No further compensation or liability will become due or considered by either party at any time ESPECIALLY IN THE UNIKELY EVENT OF ANY GENUINE VEHICLE BREAKDOWN. Bearing this hire term in mind, the Client clearly has a duty to the passengers to always choose and reserve a Collection Time that takes potential unforeseen delays into consideration, so that alternative travel arrangements can then be made at very short notice, to avoid any subsequent losses being incurred by the Client (for example the forfeit of airline/ferry/train/theatre tickets etc). Red Carpet VIP Ltd cannot action its own contingency measures if the Client has not allowed us sufficient time for remedial action to be taken to avoid inconvenience or loss to the Client in the event of Vehicle/s Breakdown and/or Traffic Delays. Fortunately vehicles and drivers provided by Red Carpet VIP Ltd are reliable and contingency measures very rarely have to be undertaken. In addition it is hereby agreed by both parties that any written complaints received from a client by Red Carpet VIP Ltd after a hire date has passed will be dealt with and considered by the company within up to 30 days of the hire date ie. to allow time for investigation, report and advice from various parties before a response can be finalised.

30. Payments can be made in cash on the day at the start of the hire only at our company’s discretion or as usual by bank transfer well in advance.

31. Late December/Early January Holiday Period Surcharges:
On Xmas Eve (after 18:30 ), Christmas Day Bank Holiday, and on New Year’s Eve (after 18:30): 100% Surcharge applies to our online prices.
On Boxing Day Bank Holiday & New Year’s Day Bank Holiday: 50% Surcharge applies to our online prices.

32. Illustrations, photographs and descriptions on this website, and our brochures, pricelists serve merely as a guide and will not be considered binding or part of a contract under any circumstances. The actual Booking Contract is the Hire Confirmation itself and these terms herein laid out are always an implicit and core part of every Hire Confirmation without exception and supersede all others.

All Clients Please Note: That advice is hereby provided in writing that Red Carpet VIP Ltd do often take pictures/video during hire events for promotional/marketing purposes with out any further notice/permission being given. If for any reason the Client or any of the Client’s Guests prefer not to be in said pictures/videos, then please kindly tell us before the hire event in writing, and then we will of course oblige the Client/Guests wish and refrain from taking any pics/videos and confirm their request by email. 

33. Please keep in mind that babies/children are regarded as passengers and therefore to book the vehicle size accordingly. Child seats and Booster seats if required by Law, must be provided by the passengers on the day for their children.

34. PLEASE KINDLY NOTE:    The Double Decker London Buses are strictly designed To Carry Passengers Only. They have ZERO LUGGAGE CAPACITY  so Suitcases/Boxes/Wheelchairs/Luggage etc. CANNOT be transported on the Double Decker London Buses under any circumstance.

35. Red Carpet VIP Ltd shall under no circumstances whatever be liable to the Client/Passengers, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty, or otherwise for any personal injury or death caused by the action/s of the Client/Passengers on board the vehicle/s supplied, caused by their failure to follow safety procedures, default or any other act for which the Client/Passengers are responsible. Nothing in these Conditions shall limit or exclude Red Carpet VIP Ltd liability for death or personal injury caused by its negligence, or the negligence of its employees, agents or subcontractors.

36. If we have a behaviour problem with a passenger/group during a hire or if we have vehicle/s with mechanical/electrical issue/s or with driver availability (unexpectedly or otherwise) then we always reserve the right without any further notice to send alternative transport to a Client’s Group pick-up location in order to fulfil the transportation/journey on the booked date. In this eventuality if the Cient utilizes the alternative transport, then no email or telephone discussion will subsequently be undertaken afterwards with the Client, regarding any discount or compensation, because of the change in supplied vehicle/s ie. with regard to the vehicle make, model, type or size supplied, as long as it can transport the number of passengers booked and the amount of luggage already agreed in writing. Should the Client nevertheless still decide to recourse to litigation for a discount/compensation then it is hereby agreed by both parties that if the Client loses the related court case, then our company will request the court’s decision for payment by the Client of our Company’s Management Time expended (at £60/hour) until the court case settlement date. We will also request the court’s decision for the Client to pay our company’s Solicitor’s Fees as well that we will incur at a rate to be decided by the court if the court agrees.

37. Our Party Bus Hire company often allows Clients to indicate a preference of Make, Model and/or Color of Vehicle to be supplied and Red Carpet VIP Ltd may well confirm the stated preference in our Booking Confirmation to the Client. However it is hereby confirmed that Red Carpet VIP Ltd can never guarantee the actual Make, Model and/or Color of Vehicle sent on the day as it solely subject to perfect running of the preferred Vehicle. If there is a mechanical or electrical problem with the chosen vehicle, then Red Carpet VIP Ltd always reserves the right WITHOUT FURTHER PRIOR NOTICE TO ANY CLIENT and on every single booking without exception to send alternative vehicle/s to attempt to transport the Passengers on time and in that situation, the Make, Model and/or Color of Vehicle will not be taken into consideration. No discounts or refunds will be considered by either party in this circumstance.
Further to the above paragraph, Red Carpet VIP Ltd regularly supplies FREE VALUE ADDED PARTY BUS AMENITIES to Clients inside the Party Buses at no extra charge, and failure by our company to supply them on the day, will not then result in a discount or compensation becoming payable under any circumstance as the Amenities are never charged for anyway.

38. Any passenger/s that speaks to a Driver or distracts him whilst the Vehicle is in motion will be committing an Illegal and Very Dangerous Action and Serious Criminal Offence. Our Company considers Passenger Safety to be of Paramount Importance and our Professional Drivers therefore have Zero Tolerance to Bad/Dangerous/Illegal Behaviour by any Passenger/s. If this kind of Difficult Situation arises, then all Offending Clients are hereby given Prior Notice that our Drivers have already been Fully Authorized to Instantly Terminate any Booking that he feels is Jeopardising him or his Passengers or other Road Users or the Public. Furthermore according to UK PSV Statutes it is actually the Bus Driver’s Legal Obligation and Duty to pull over and stop as soon as it is safe to do so and instantly terminate said journey and ask all of the Offending Passengers/Group to disembark peacefully from the Vehicle and they then complete their journey by subsequently organising other means of transport of their choice from that location and of course at their own effort and expense.

39. Clearly all of our Staff have a Right to Work in a Safe and Relaxed Environment and without suffering any Rude or Aggressive or Dangerous Behaviour from the Client and/or his Guests during a hire.

40. It is hereby agreed by both parties that no refund or compensation will be provided at any time for Bad/Dangerous/Illegal Behaviour by any Passenger/s that results in a Hire Termination and any or all expenses subsequently incurred by the Passengers will not be reimbursed by Red Carpet VIP Ltd under any circumstances.
Furthermore in the above event the Client/Lead Passenger will be considered to be in serious Breach of Contract for failing to control the Behaviour/Actions of the Passenger/s on board and for the resultant potential jeopardy.

41. Privacy and Security Policy: we do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any third parties. We collect information from you for two reasons: Firstly to process your booking and secondly to provide you with the best possible service. We will not send out any marketing emails to you in the future without your consent. The type of information we collect are: your name, address, phone number, email address and itinerary. We will not collect any other sensitive information without your explicit consent. The information we will collect about you will be secure. If you have any questions regarding privacy, please do not hesitate to contact us. Payments if made via this site are through a secure server.

42. Our Bus and Minibus Hire Services With Driver in the UK are delivered by Red Carpet VIP Ltd (and other reputable subcontractors legally operating car/s, minibus/es and/or Bus/es at the times, dates and locations as requested by our Clients at the time of order finalization or as amended afterwards by our company by mutual agreement with the Client. Please kindly note our telephone number that you used to contact us in the UK. New hire enquiries may be made by email.